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Scammers are calling UK households and asking for bank details in order to qualify for the government’s £150 energy rebate. The government announced details of a £150 council tax rebate earlier this year, to help ease the rising cost of energy bills. But, it hasn't taken long for scammers to seize on the opportunity and the Local Government Association is warning a recent spate of cold calls offering energy rebates are scams. 

The scammers claim to be associated with the council and explain a refund is due. They then ask for your bank details in order to pay out the £150 rebate. According to those who have fallen foul of this scam, handing over these details led to large sums of money being deducted from their bank accounts shortly after the phone call. While local authorities are administering the council tax rebates, the Local Government Association has said councils do not ask for bank details over the phone. All households in council tax bands A to D will be eligible for the rebate, which is not means tested and doesn't need to be repaid. Those who pay for council tax by direct debit will receive the government’s energy rebate directly into their bank account. If you don’t pay your council tax via direct debit then you will be sent a letter with details of how to claim the rebate.

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