Legionella - Reduce Your Risk

The risk of contracting legionella in the domestic home is minimal and most protection from legionella has to be undertaken by people actually living in the home and using the water systems.  There are some simple steps that you should take to help protect you and those in your home:


You should clean shower heads, descale and disinfect them at least every two months.  For showers that are only occasionally used, flush the shower through by running the water for at least two minutes once a week.


You should scrub and de-scale your showerheads and shower hoses at least once every 3 months or earlier if scaling is evident.


If your property is left vacant for any time, e.g. when on holiday, in hospital, etc. you should flush both hot and cold water systems by running all outlets for at least two minutes.


If you have an electric hot water tank you should make sure that you are fully heating the water in it and then using the water immediately after, at least 2-3 times per week.


If there are any problems, debris or discolouration in the water, you should inform Calvay Housing Association immediately.