Easterhouse Housing Regeneration Alliance

What is EHRA?

EHRA is an umbrella organisation that represents the eight community based housing associations and co-operatives that operate in Greater Easterhouse. The EHRA group has both staff and committee members from all the organisations participating.

EHRA members are:

  • Blairtummock Housing Association
  • Calvay Housing Association
  • Gardeen Housing Association
  • Easthall Park Housing Co-operative
  • Lochfield Park Housing Association
  • Provanhall Housing Association
  • Wellhouse Housing Association

Together the group works on campaigning and lobbying for services etc. to be brought into the Greater Easterhouse area. The group also aim to bring employment and training to the area for local people to help employment issues that are a real problem. In general the group come together to try and improve as much as they can the Greater Easterhouse area as a whole for local people, working together for better outcomes!

Find out more about EHRA here.