Repairs & Maintenance 

Calvay Housing Association aims to provide a comprehensive maintenance service that includes reactive repairs, cyclical maintenance and a clear strategy for long-term planned maintenance, to prolong the integrity and useful life of the properties that we own outright or manage as a property factor. The Association is further committed to working with partner agencies and owner occupiers within our area of management, to ensure that the stock and neighbourhood as a whole, maintains its value and contributes to the long term sustainability and viability of the Association as a landlord.

Common Reactive Maintenance & Repairs

The Association will carry out common repairs to items such as external walls, the roof and roof space, gutters, downpipes, close entry doors, backcourts, paths, etc. We maintain a Reactive Maintenance Contractors Framework for the purposes of providing reactive repairs and maintenance. This framework is reviewed bi-annually in accordance with the Contractor Selection Policy, to ensure all contractors are financially viable, hold the required insurances, e.g. Public Liability Insurance and are suitably qualified to carry out the works required, to an acceptable standard and at a reasonable cost.

Reporting Repairs & Response Times

 During office hours all common repairs should be reported directly to the Association  and we will instruct our contractors to carry out repairs within these timescales:-

Make safe within 6 hours and complete with 24 hours
(repairs that pose a risk to health or safety, or require to be done to avoid serious damage to the property )

Non Emergency
Complete within 7 working days

Common emergency repairs only should be reported to 0800 595 595.