Frequently Asked Questions...

Who Can Apply For Housing?

Any person who is sixteen years or more may apply to the housing register. This is not, however, an automatic right to receive offers of housing.

We provide application forms at our offices and online. In line with equality commitments, this form can be made available in different languages and in alternative formats. On request, we can assist applicants to complete their application forms.

How do you Process my Application?

We process personal information provided on the application form in line with legal provisions. Accordingly, we only share information with other agencies if we have applicants consent, or if permitted by legislation. We may ask for references from any landlord or mortgage lender to confirm housing and tenancy details. We request applicants’ consent to do this on the application form.

 We check application details before making offers. This is good practice to ensure that information is recorded accurately so that offers are appropriate. For instance, we may telephone applicants to confirm details are as recorded on their application form.

 We may also carry out home visits to confirm application details. This is of particular importance if no references are available confirming household details. For example, at the home visit, application details may have changed and an offer may no longer be appropriate.

 If information held is inaccurate, the application details are amended accordingly. This might result in an offer not being made, or withdrawn.

 If an applicant is re-housed based on false information that an applicant has made knowingly, we are entitled to take legal action to recover the tenancy.

Applicants are responsible for advising us of any changes to their housing circumstances. They are advised of this requirement on the application form.

What is a Group+Points System?

The Greater Easterhouse Common Housing Register operates a Group Plus Points System based on Housing Need. Under this system, upon submitting a complete application form, you are “grouped” according to your highest need and awarded points for all housing needs that you have. Your application is then placed on our common register to form a Waiting List.

The Greater Easterhouse Common Housing Register works to 8 groups covering the main needs portrayed in housing law and good practise guidance. These groups listed in order of priority are as follows;
•Group 1- Homeless
•Group 2- Urgent Needs
•Group 3- Overcrowded
•Group 4- Unsatisfactory Housing
•Group 5- Transfers/ Under-occupation
•Group 6- General Needs
•Group 7- Care & Support
•Group 8- Aspirational

Group 3 and 5 have sub-groups.

What isn't taken into consideration when I apply?

In accordance with legislation, certain factors must be ignored by landlords when assessing applicants access to the housing register.  These factors are:

• Length of time applicants have lived in the area
• Housing debt not owed by applicants, for example, rent arrears owed by a partner
• Housing debt now repaid
• Any non-housing debt such as council tax
• Age of applicants unless under the age of 16
• Applicants income or property, including income or property owned by other household members
• Any rent arrears/tenancy related debt 

What if I am Homeless?

Calvay is fully committed to the prevention and resolution of homelessness.

We agree each year a quota with Glasgow City Council to house a percentage
of statutory homeless households.

Our staff can provide housing advice and information to people who are homeless or potentially homeless.

Glasgow City Council is however the statutory agency who have the responsibility for providing temporary and permanent accommodation to people who are classified as homeless.

The Glasgow City Council website is

The crisis/duty service for people at risk of homelessness is provided from Easterhouse Social Work Area Team, 1250 Westerhouse Road, Easterhouse, G34 9EA. The contact phone number for the service is 0141 276 6153.

Any further questions?

Please have a read at our Allocations Policy or call us on 0141 771-7722.