Buildings Insurance

Calvay Housing Association maintains a common block buildings insurance policy which covers the full re-instatement value of all properties for which it has a legal responsibility as owner or property factor. The law requires an owner to insure their own flat and any share of the common property to ensure compliance with obligations to reinstate the building in the event of damage or destruction. Common buildings insurance will therefore be automatically arranged for all owners. If the title deeds are silent on this matter, the owners retain the right to arrange their own insurance cover, provided the minimum level of required cover is in force and a copy of their schedule of insurance is provided to the Association each year.

Please note The Association do NOT cover your household contents, and therefore you should attain separate insurance for this.

The current Common Buildings Insurance Policy is with Avid Insurance Services Limited. The sum insured and associated premium is reviewed annually, to ensure adequate cover is in place and that the re-instatement value is updated as required, to include for all tenanted and factored properties that the Association owns and manages, respectively.
The Association does not receive any payment or benefit from the company providing the insurance cover, nor do we make any charge to owners for arranging the insurance. The individual share per owner of the insurance premium is calculated by way of dividing the total cost for factored properties by the total number of factored properties covered, to provide the individual charge per unit per year.

More information on excess etc. can be obtained by calling the office.

A copy of the Summary Schedule of Cover is provided each year following the annual rent and service charges review in April.

Please also note that any claim on the Block Buildings Insurance, should be arranged via Calvay Housing Association, who is the Policyholder.