Having Problems Paying Your Rent?

If you are having difficulty paying your rent, please contact us immediately as experience has shown that the earlier these problems are dealt with the easier they are to resolve.  Our staff will do all they can to assist any tenants who find themselves in this situation.  We will discuss your situation in confidence and help set up a payment plan that is affordable to you and acceptable to us, to help you bring your rent account up to date.  We can also offer advice and assistance on how to apply for housing benefit and other available funds.

You can also speak to our Welfare Rights Officer, Angela. whose service is both free and confidential. Benefit checks can be done to ensure you are getting all the funds you are entitled to and make sure your income is correct. The Welfare Rights Officer can also help you apply for other benefits or help you if your benefits have been stopped/suspended etc.If you are in any financial difficulty then why not call to arrange an appointment with Angela on 0141 771-7722 further information can be found on the Welfare Rights Services page.